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“Ginger” fashion label

Really wonderful clothes with exquisite embroidery and amazing details. For some pictures of clothes check out this link:

“Ginger” Fashion Label Gallery >>

Y.S. Park

Y S Park Daikanyama are fantastic at creating both traditional geisha hairstyles, and modern kimono hairdos, and beautiful Western up styles too. For the full hair style gallery please click on the following link:

Y S Park Hair Gallery >>


I was amazingly lucky in having an incredible amount of support from kind people when I debuted who gave me kimono or accessories that I needed to be a geisha. The older sister that I am most grateful to is Kakioka-san, a geisha from another district 40 years ago who gave me an entire treasure chest full of kimono and obi. Pictures of Kakioka-san and me in the same kimono. Now that I am hoping to have a younger sister I am collecting furisode kimono



Weerasakreck Wongpasser Muaythai

Great place to lose some extras kilos


People often ask me where I would recommend a beginner to buy kimono. The best place is probably TANSU-YA where they have both new and recycled kimono and the staff are very experienced at helping beginners to choose a kimono that is affordable and suitable for them.


Shop in Tokyo for Japanese musical instruments.

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APEX Profound Beauty

Dr Nantapat at Apex has an amazing ability to help women look their best.

Tiger Muay Thai

Great place to go to lose some extra kilos.

Pacific Dental Bangkok

CM Dental Clinic

5 star dental treatment in Chiang Mai.

Lanna Muay Thai

Friendly gym with great personalised instruction in English in Chiang Mai.

Grace Dental Clinic

Excellent treatment and thorough explanations.

Rajavej Hospital

For health maintenance with guest service.

JK Aesthetic Clinic

JK protects patients from skin problems by moisturizing and nourishment treatments. JK is one of the best places in Korea to make your skin look great!