Below are the testimonials by customers who attended geisha banquets hosted by Sayuki:

“Words are not enough to describe the dinner with geisha that I was able to book for my wife’s 40th birthday with
[Sayuki’s] help. Definitely the highlight of my life and many others that were there.” – J.W., Georgia

“The highlight of our time in Tokyo was the visit to the famous historical Asakusa district, where we could look at the World Heritage listed shrine and spend the morning with some Asakusa geisha, experiencing first-hand the rare sight of their traditional music and dance at an authentic tea house.  Ordinary  people  do not normally ever  have the opportunity to see a real geisha,  let alone  spend time  with one,  and even if they do, the geisha are highly unlikely to give explanations in English to their guests about the  traditions and origins  of geisha culture.  It is only possible for us because of the generosity of Sayuki, who apart from being the  first foreigner to debut  as a geisha, is also a professor of Anthropology prepared to inform the public in the interest of helping assure the survival of geisha culture.” –  H.W., South Australia