Private Lunch with Sayuki, the First Western Geisha


Would you like to get a glimpse of the fascinating and secretive world of the geisha? Sayuki, the first westerner to ever debut as a geisha, will set aside time to have a private lunch with you at a traditional Japanese restaurant and fill you in on life as a geisha.

This is a rare educational experience meant to discover and learn more about the geisha world. Throughout your meal, you will have the opportunity to chat with Sayuki, ask questions and gain a better sense of the geisha world.

Sayuki specialized in social anthropology, a field that requires anthropologists to experience the subject that they are studying, and became the first Western geisha in the 400 year geisha history. Sayuki has a doctorate from Oxford University and is recognized as an academic expert on geisha, as well as having trained as a geisha herself. Sayuki works with geisha from most of the geisha districts in Tokyo.

Sayuki debuted in the Asakusa district in 2007, and in the last four years, has had her own independent house with young trainees. Sayuki is and also the first geisha to ever lecture on Geisha Culture at any Japanese university.
*Please note: this is not a banquet where geisha are dressed in white make-up and perform and all food and beverage costs are not included.


  • Enjoy having a private lunch with Sayuki at a traditional Japanese restaurant
  • Sayuki will show some slides about the life of geisha and explain the background of this secretive world.


Duration :


Participants :

1 – 4

Price :

20,000 JPY up to 4 people
(ask for larger groups)

Price does not include lunch.