Contribute – How you can help!

As someone who loves Japan you have probably been touched by the site of Japan`s exquisite geisha, or even caught glimpses of geisha in the streets of Tokyo or Kyoto. This is your chance to help keep this gorgeous tradition alive and ensure that your children and grandchildren also get the chance to enjoy the beautiful sight of a geisha or hangyoku (maiko.)

Sayuki is in the process of setting up an NPO (NGO) as a support organization to support the geisha world and perhaps to eventually contribute towards bringing up new hangyoku (maiko). Your contributions will help pay the costs of such as disseminating information on the internet about the geisha world, maintaining a geisha resources web-site for customers, prospective geisha and interested parties, and in the future contribute perhaps towards financing the heavy expenditure necessary to buy the kimono and accessories for a new hangyoku.
Any size donation is very helpful and very much appreciated.


Geisha culture combines the most beautiful aspects of Japanese traditional architecture in the tea-houses, painting and embroidery in the geisha`s kimono, art, pottery and flower arrangement in the artifacts displayed in the tea-houses, and of course the geisha arts of music, singing and dance.
Sayuki’s vision is to use modern technology to ensure that the best of these traditions survive but simultaneously ensuring they are not diluted or cheapened in the process.
This very lovely culture of geisha used to be partly supported by wealthy individuals, but now it is less common to have such support. In this day and age, why not use the power of the internet to link the many people all around the world who love Japan and love geisha to the new geisha who will be the future face of the Flower and Willow world.

Previously, certain Kyoto geisha have set up fan clubs for their geisha houses online. Sayuki’s future mission is to see this on a larger scale: geisha fans all around the world having a hand in spreading knowledge of geisha culture and perhaps eventually contributing towards the raising of a new geisha.