Kabuki Tour

This tour gives you your very own kabuki guide to explain the history and evolution of this unique stage art. You will appreciate the performance to a greater extent after learning of the finer points and background of the play.

Kabuki is one of the four traditional Japanese stage arts. It originated in the 17th century and was first performed by female dancers though current-day Kabuki has only men.

Its highlight is the stylized acting, costumes and grand scale. The most memorable points are the revolving stage and makeup worn by the actors.

This tour will be run by Sayuki, sometimes together with her trainees. Other programs run by Sayuki are run by her trainees. This is a way to let the little prospective geisha in Sayuki’s house practice their English skills and get some income during the crucial first year when they are training to become geisha. Do help us help the little geisha to continue the beautiful geisha tradition in Japan.