Geisha shopping tour


Come and discover some of the wonderful unique little shops and centuries old craftsmanship that goes into the making of things that geisha use. Look at the beautiful carved hair ornaments, silk bags, beautiful woven fabrics, handpainted geisha fans, miniature carved toys from all over Japan, handcrafted paper for letters, cards and calendars, even the geisha underwear shop!


  • Explore Asakusa’s most famous traditional  geisha shops 
  • Get the opportunity to buy unique and  original geisha’s products  
  • Get the opportunity to converse with Sayuki or one of Sayuki’s trainee  about the secretive world of geisha


Shopping at the shops that geisha use gives a fascinating insight into the beauty of this very elegant world and a glimpse into the incredible craftsmanship involved in making products that have been around for centuries. 

This tour may be run by Sayuki herself from time to time, and by request, but will usually be run by Sayuki’s trainees. This is a way to let the little prospective geisha practice their English skills and get some income during the crucial first year when they are training to become geisha. Do help us help the little geisha to continue the beautiful geisha tradition in Japan. 

About sayuki  :

Sayuki is the first westerner to become a geisha in Japan. Sayuki has her own independent geisha house and has had a number of trainees studying to become geisha.


Duration :


Participants :

1 – 4

Price :

20,000 JPY up to 4 people
(ask for larger groups)

Price does not include lunch

People say

This tour taught me wisdom and insider tips that lasted for my entire trip in Japan. Sayuki is an amazing person — an anthropologist turned Geisha — and I feel so fortunate I got to meet her. I also got to meet another Geisha from her house, so it was a very wonderful experience, especially since Geisha are rare. I gained wisdom on Japanese aesthetics, color choices, and the major influence of the four seasons. She helped me buy a gorgeous kimono at a used kimono dealer, saving me lots of money off the price of a new one. She also taught me about history of Geisha, the difference between traditional and modern kimono shops, and many other things I would have completely missed had I explored Asakusa on my own. It was great to see her favorite shops, and she gave me pointers on making the most of my later trip to Kyoto. Highly recommended, there is nothing else like this tour!

December 2016