In the Media

Sayuki has been getting a lot of attention from different media since her debut as a geisha. Her activities have been featured in newspapers, magazines, television and radio shows.

Oprah – 2010 – The Secret Lives of Geisha

Within the ultramodern culture of Tokyo lies an ancient tradition shrouded in secrecy and full of intrigue—the art of being a geisha. Geisha translates to “a person of the arts.” For nearly 400 years, the life of a geisha was highly coveted for Japanese women. One hundred years ago, there were 80,000 geisha in Japan. Today, there are only 2,000 who uphold the strict traditions of this unchanged, fascinating world. To become a geisha often meant years of intense training—sometimes from childhood—in the quest for artistic beauty in music, dancing, tea ceremony and conversation. Geisha also look like works of art, wearing elaborate hairstyles, intricate kimonos and white makeup with […]