Careers in Language Interview with Sayuki the Geisha

Geisha are one of the most powerful symbols of Japan, full of beauty, grace, and mystery. It’s almost as mysterious to native Japanese as it is to foreigners and catching a glimpse of a Geisha is quite exciting no matter who you are. We chatted with Sayuki , who was born in Melbourne, about how she became the first Caucasian geisha! She first went to Japan at the age of 15 on a private exchange. “ I was accepted to a three month exchange program between city children and remote areas in Australia. When I saw there was an exchange to Japan that was longer and even more different an […]

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Chinese Newspaper Article

Chinese Students Studying Geisha Culture Chinese Newsletter (Reporter Zhang Shi) Geisha (Japanese: 芸妓, 芸), also known as geisha, is a unique female performing arts worker in Japan, born in Tokyo and Osaka in the 17th century. The first geishas were all males, and they traveled outside the capital of Kyomachi. They were commonly known as towns and towns. They used to perform dances and musical instruments mainly in brothels and entertainment venues. Sayuki, the geisha culture lecturer. Here she applies the geisha make up to the student’s face. In the middle of the 18th century, the geisha profession was gradually replaced by women. This tradition has been inherited ever since and […]

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A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A GEISHA – Tokyo Weekender Interview

Geisha are some of the most iconic figures of traditional Japanese culture and yet remain cloaked in a veil of mystery and strict etiquette. We spoke with Sayuki, Japan’s first foreign geisha to find out about her daily life and learn more about her unique profession Interview by Bunny Bissoux At a recent banquet things got so wild that we had to keep covering the trainee geisha’s eyes! What is your typical day like? Normally, I correspond with customers in the morning, practice or do classes in the afternoon, and do banquets when I have bookings in the evening. I am a flute specialist and do classes at different times […]

Fukagawa Geisha

Sayuki wants to revive the Fukagawa Geisha district. You can find more information about the district and its geisha history on the following website and you can support Sayuki’s trainee geisha on Patreon. Patreon   

Geisha life – Funds and Games

I wrote about my new trainee Sae. She has proven to be hard working and reliable. She wakes up early to clean the geisha house and to sew the collars that we need to regularly change on our under kimonos. She attended kimono sewing school for a while so has actively taken on the role of sewing in my geisha house.   After three months she has learned a range of banquet drinking games, and is able to help at banquets. And now she is currently practicing her third serious dance piece which she learns from one of the most senior geisha in Tokyo. She has been attending drum lessons […]