Sayuki went to Brazil

I was invited by a customer to fly to Brazil to attend the Carnaval festival with the Viradouro team. It was fascinating to have a rest from Japanese traditional music and have to learn a new song (in Portugese) and watch the dancers preparing. The Carnaval is a wonderful experience! Unfortunately Delta Airlines lost my bags and my costume on the way there. They promised to pay $50 per piece per day lost, and for replacement expenses for the costume they lost. Although I put in receipts so far they haven’t paid anything. The worse part of it was having to watch Delta Airlines ads about how great they are […]

New blog on wattention

Sayuki has been writing a new blog on For now she has written two articles. One of them is All about geisha banquets and Life inside the Flower and Willow World.

Sayuki featured on the Daily Mail!

Watch a video and see the beautiful pictures on this new article of Sayuki on the daily mail.

Sayuki on CNN

Sayuki was recently featured in a CNN article called “‘A beautiful life’: The Australian woman who became a geisha”. There you could see beautiful pictures of geisha in winter. Read the article here:

Geisha Banquets

A geisha banquet is one of the most traditional experience you could have in Japan. Geisha are called out to tea-houses or to events, functions and parties, to entertain. This kind of tradition of private entertainment was very common in the West too in previous centuries. Bach or Mozart would have been called out to play at the parties of lords and the nobility. In the West, this former tradition of private entertainment has largely evolved into large-scale public entertainment like ballet, or opera. In Japan, geisha also perform at large public events and annual dances, but the former tradition of small-scale private entertainment, where customers have a private meal […]