Sayuki welcomes opportunities to go overseas

Sayuki welcomes opportunities to go overseas to do talks or banquets, especially with her geisha sisters. One way to invite Sayuki to a talk is to raise funding through the Japan Foundation or other funding in your own country. One way banquets overseas have been done is to arrange a venue i.e. by booking out a Japanese or other restaurant or by cooridingating with a restaurant. The restaurant advertises a “Geisha Evening” and charges a cover charge sufficient to cover the costs of calling two, three or four geisha from Japan. BOOKING A RESERVATION FOR TALKS Sayuki will be traveling in multiple locations all over the world in 2017. Please […]

Sayuki Ushers the Japanese Geisha into the 21st Century Sayuki, meaning “Transparent Happiness”, was the name given to an Australian called Fiona Graham when she made her debut as a geisha in Japan on 19 December 2007, making her one of the first Westerners in the 400-year history of the geisha to be accepted into this mysterious and intriguing “flower and willow world”…