Don’t miss this Geisha performance at Al Falaj Hotel Muscat

Al Falaj Hotel Muscat will host an authentic traditional Japanese music, song and dance evening titled ‘The Footsteps of a Geisha’ at its famous Tokyo Taro Restaurant.

MUSCAT: For the first time in Oman, Al Falaj Hotel
Muscat will host an authentic traditional Japanese music, song and dance
evening titled ‘The Footsteps of a Geisha’ by the Fukagawa Geisha
sisters at its famous Tokyo Taro Restaurant on March 25 and 26 from 8pm
and 10pm.

Geisha are traditional entertainers specializing in
performing Japanese music, dance, song and a variety of instruments
including hand drum, shoulder drum and shamisen or Japanese flute.
Geisha performers are distinctively characterized by traditional
costumers and makeup.  

Speaking about the two-day event, Praveen
George, General Manager of Al Falaj Hotel said: “We are delighted to
host this performance which is a respected Japanese ancient tradition of
art, dance and singing. We are happy to host the Fukagawa Geisha
sisters from Japan.  They were are on a tour of Europe and they are
stopping by on a special request by Al Falaj Hotel management. They will
arrive on March 24 for the first time to Muscat and we will be hosting
at the hotel for four days.”

are sure that the two-day exclusive performance, at the famous Tokyo
Taro which has been in business for 30 years serving authentic Japanese
food is going to be a memorable one. Performers will be wearing very
expensive kimonos and jewelleries which are exclusive to them.” Praveen

In love with Japan
Fiona Graham will
lead the four-member team at the performance. Fiona made headlines
around the world when she became the first westerner geisha. “I was only
15 when I first visited Japan. I was an exchange student and the plan
was to experience life with a Japanese family and go to school there for
a year. I knew nothing about Japan before going and I couldn’t speak
the language, but as soon as I moved in with my Japanese family in
Tokyo, I loved it,” she said.  

Book in advance
Advanced table reservations at Tokyo Taro are a must to witness the Geisha’s performance.

restaurant Tokyo Taro in Muscat presents an authentically memorable
dining experience with options for private dining. The right place in
the city for authentic Japanese food with a “Tepanyaki” counter and a
private traditional Japanese-style dining area. Located on the eighth
floor of Al Falaj with a spectacular view of the city. 

Taking on
the traditional Japanese design, an all-embracing menu tempts you to
venture new tastes beyond the renowned Japanese specialties such as
sushi, sashimi, tepanyaki and tempura.