Call Fukagawa Geisha to Join You on a Yakatabune Boat Trip in

Cruise around Tokyo Bay on a traditional Japanese boat called a
Yakatabune. These boats are unique to Japan and were first used by
Japanese aristocrats in the 8th century. Since then they have been used
by rich merchants and high ranking samurai alike, and were seen as a
lavish past time particularly during the Edo period.

You will
also experience a delicious traditional Japanese dinner with access to
all-you-can drink whilst on board. The geisha will entertain you with
their traditional music and dance performances, and if you wish you can
try out some traditional drinking games!

This will all happen
against a beautiful backdrop of Tokyo Bay at night. You can enjoy the
twinkling lights of the city from the calmness of the water, a perfect
moment to truly appreciate Tokyo, as well as a great photo opportunity.

It is possible to book from a minimum of 15 people for groups of up to 40 people….just let us know. 
Groups less than 15 can book but must pay the price for 15 people..