Geisha Banquets

A geisha banquet is one of the most traditional experience you could have in Japan.

Geisha are called out to tea-houses or to events, functions and parties, to entertain. This kind of tradition of private entertainment was very common in the West too in previous centuries. Bach or Mozart would have been called out to play at the parties of lords and the nobility. In the West, this former tradition of private entertainment has largely evolved into large-scale public entertainment like ballet, or opera. In Japan, geisha also perform at large public events and annual dances, but the former tradition of small-scale private entertainment, where customers have a private meal at a tea-house with friends or acquaintances and call in geisha to entertain them as they eat and drink – i.e. a geisha banquet – has remained in Japan to the present day.

It is best to first contact a Geisha, as she will, according to your wishes and your budget, organize an event to the upmost degree of sophistication. Each banquet is unique and tailored to entertain you.


Address :  1-26-7(BEHIND1-26-6) Tomioka, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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Phone number: 090 60469708
Opening hours: 11am-3pm
Breakfast banquets can be arranged, upon reservation.