Geisha School


See how geisha learn

Geisha have always trained in secret. But this plan opens up that world to outsiders for the first time. This makes it possible for you to see how geisha and trainee geisha learn.

And by supporting the young geisha you will be helping them to afford their lesson fees during the very difficult year of training they have to get through to be able to debut as geisha. The classes will most often be dance and drum, but maybe also include shamisen, singing, flute or tea ceremony depending on the day.

You will watch the classes as an observer. Normally, in the first hour the trainee geisha will learn from a dance teacher with more than sixty years dancing experience, or from a senior geisha. In the second hour the geisha will practise their latest performance pieces together. If the teacher is not available that day the geisha will be learning from each other or practising together.
At the end of the class you will have some time to take photos with the geisha and ask questions.

Fee: 4000 yen / 1 person (2000 yen for kids) **Children very welcome.
Dates: Every day – Please call before you come (090 6046 9708)
Time: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm. (2 hours)

Niseko Resort Map: The geisha school is listed as no. 27 of the Kutchan section of the map.
From Kutchan station: walk past the information centre (Eki Plat) and go to the next corner. Turn left there and then right into a small alley just after the white building with red stripes. Walk around the tall snow fence to the left and that is the door of the geisha school.


The geisha will usually be dressed in normal kimono for their lessons but if they have a banquet directly afterwards they may be in white makeup.
You will be in a Japanese style tatami mat room and sitting on the floor so tight jeans or short skirts may not or short skirts may not be comfortable.