Geisha Banquet

Experience a unique Geisha experience right here in Tokyo! Be entertained by two Geisha while you enjoy a meal in a traditional teahouse. A real geisha banquet is a leisurely two hour meal of traditional Japanese cuisine during which you get to talk to your geisha for the whole duration and watch a traditional dance.


Antiques Market Tour

Ever wanted to be Indiana Jones looking for treasure among relics? Here is your chance to go antique shopping in various markets throughout the city. These markets, usually at shrines, have a huge variety of everything beautiful and antique, from kimono to pottery to samurai swords to geisha pillows.


Geisha School

Have a two-hour look at the normally secretive lessons of geisha in training. See the little geisha taking instructions from an instructor or senior geisha and see them practice. Afterwards, meet the geisha up close and personal for pictures and lighthearted conversation. Hosted by an active geisha who is fluent in both English and Japanese…


Kabuki Tour

This tour gives you your very own kabuki guide to explain the history and evolution of this unique stage art. You will appreciate the performance to a greater extent after learning of the finer points and background of the play.


Kimono Shopping Tour

Have you ever wanted to have your own kimono? Take home a Kimono as a souvenir? Or maybe just look at beautiful Japanese fabrics? This tour gives you this opportunity to shop with your very own kimono expert who will take you around various kimono stores where you can buy beautiful kimonos for men or women at a very affordable price.


Custom Shopping Tour with a Geisha

Come and discover some of the wonderful unique little shops and centuries old craftsmanship that goes into the making of things that geisha use. Look at the beautiful carved hair ornaments, silk bags, beautiful woven fabrics, hand-painted geisha fans, miniature carved toys and even the geisha underwear shop!


Lunch with Sayuki, the First Western Geisha

Would you like to get a glimpse of the fascinating and secretive world of the geisha? Sayuki, the first westerner to ever debut as a geisha, will set aside time to have a private lunch with you at a traditional Japanese restaurant and fill you in on life as a geisha.