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年末年始のお知らせ / Year End and New Year

年末年始も、お座敷(宴会)等の受付は可能ですので興味のある方はぜひお問い合わせください! そして紗幸sayukiは年末年始にタイ、南米、スペインを訪問予定です お近くに住まわれている、立ち寄られる方でご興味のある方がいらっしゃれば、その際もぜひご連絡いただければと思います。 ———  Year End and New Year – do let us know if you would like to have a party with geisha for the end of Year or New Year!  Sayuki will visit Thailand, South America and Spain end December and January, so do let us know if you would like to have a geisha banquet in those countries, or invite Sayuki to give a talk!  Fukagawa Geisha are traveling often these days so let us know if you would like geisha to visit your country!  ——— Sayuki estara viajando a Bangkok,Espana,y Sudamerica,en Diciembre y Enero. Sayuki estaria viajando a Bangkok,Estanha,y Sudamerica,en Dicembre y Enero. Si desea contrata

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2020年、深川で3年に一度の大きなお祭りがあります / There is a big festival every three years in Fukagawa in 2020

来年2020年は3年に一度の本祭りの年です。 富岡八幡宮から始まり深川エリア一帯を囲むお祭りです。 氏子の人々が神輿を担ぎ、 沿道の人々が神輿や人々に水をかけるお祭りです。 このため本祭りは別名水かけ祭りと呼ばれています。 毎年54の神輿が、 踊り手やお囃子とともに街を練り歩きます。 Next year, 2020 is a “hon matsuri” year. The festival starts at the Tomioka Hachiman Shrine aka Fukagawa Shrine and surrounds the Fukagawa Area. People carry mikoshi, which is a portabale shrine, and others throw water onto the mikoshi.  This gave the festival its nickname, Mizukake Matsuri, or throwing water festival. Each year, 54 mikoshi teams parade together along with dancers and musicians. The crowd throws water at the mikoshi to refresh the gods inside the shrine and also the carriers since it is hot in August.

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芸者とお酒を飲んでみませんか / Drinks with Geisha

ENGLISH FOLLOWS JAPANESE! 東京の深川で芸者と一緒に楽しくお酒を飲んでみませんか。 お座敷宴会が終わった後、午後10時からいきつけの深川の飲み屋さんで、お客様と一緒にお酒を楽しむ事がよくあるのですが、 お座敷宴会なしで、そのまま深川の飲み屋さんで、お客様と芸者でお酒を飲める機会を作りました。 料金はお一人様2ドリンク、芸者サービス料金の合計で13,000となります。 ちょっとした非日常を感じられる深川の夜、ご興味ある方からのご連絡をお待ちしております。 The Fukagawa Geisha are doing a new fun activity with geisha. Here in Fukagawa, we have our own little drinking area like Kabukicho, and now you can go drinking with geisha! This is timed at 10 pm, around the time we finish our banquets in the evening and is just 13,000 yen including two drinks. Let us know if you would like to go drinking with one of our cute little geisha! 

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Spring 2019: Europe

🇯🇵 GEISHAS COMING IN EUROPE 👘🍵 Dear Network and friends of the Fukagawa Geishas, We would like to share with you news about our next trip to Europe ! Four geishas will be visiting Europe from Fukagawa, the oldest geisha district in Japan and the origin where female geisha began. One of them is Sayuki, the first white woman to become a geisha. ——– After our successful trip to Italy last year, we are invited this spring in Prague in the 1st week of April and Bellinzona, Switzerland from April 10-14. We are looking for any other countries who would like to invite us before or after those dates. ——– We would

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Geisha Makeup 101

[Student Post] Hey everyone! It’s Rumi again and for this week, we’ll be talking about the traditional makeup of a Geisha. Giving off an ethereal and enigmatic look with the contrast of pale white skin, midnight-black hair, and stark red lips; Geishas are immediately recognized by their very unique makeup that has not changed for over centuries. Have you ever wondered how they achieve this look? It’s actually a very delicate process that takes a lot of skill and time, and watching a geisha do their makeup is like a performance in itself. Geishas use a special type of wax called bintsuke abura for their base to make sure the makeup

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Fukagawa Geisha District revived in 2015 with the remaining older geisha teaching a new generation of younger geisha. If you want to learn more about Geisha or meet a Geisha, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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