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Spring 2019: Europe

🇯🇵 GEISHAS COMING IN EUROPE 👘🍵 Dear Network and friends of the Fukagawa Geishas, We would like to share with you news about our next trip to Europe ! Four geishas will be visiting Europe from Fukagawa, the oldest geisha district in Japan and the origin where female geisha began. One of them is Sayuki, the first white woman to become a geisha. ——– After our successful trip to Italy last year, we are invited this spring in Prague in the 1st week of April and Bellinzona, Switzerland from April 10-14. We are looking for any other countries who would like to invite us before or after those dates. ——– We would

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Sayuki Geisha Ph © Roberto Martino for #AGeishaDay Festival

Sayuki from Asakusa, the first Western Geisha – JustBaked interview

Lets  make some questions to Sayuki, the very first western geisha in the world. Let’s discover her amazing and magic life. You debuted as a geisha in 2007 (in the Asakusa district) under the name of Sayuki. Can you please tell us when you decided to become a geisha and why? I got my doctorate in Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford, and then commenced lecturing in Japanese Studies and directing and working on television programs for broadcasters like BBC, NHK, National Geographic Channel etc. I proposed a program about geisha that would be a real look at the geisha world about the time that “Memoirs of a Geisha” was planned to be

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Careers in Language Interview with Sayuki the Geisha

Geisha are one of the most powerful symbols of Japan, full of beauty, grace, and mystery. It’s almost as mysterious to native Japanese as it is to foreigners and catching a glimpse of a Geisha is quite exciting no matter who you are. We chatted with Sayuki , who was born in Melbourne, about how she became the first Caucasian geisha! She first went to Japan at the age of 15 on a private exchange. “ I was accepted to a three month exchange program between city children and remote areas in Australia. When I saw there was an exchange to Japan that was longer and even more different an

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Fukagawa Geisha District revived in 2015 with the remaining older geisha teaching a new generation of younger geisha. If you want to learn more about Geisha or meet a Geisha, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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