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史上初の西洋人芸者 今では置屋を持ち5人の芸者を育てた

「お座敷には、すばらしい日本文化が詰まっています。まず、料亭では日本建築を目にすることができる。そして生け花を愛で、陶器などの芸術品に触れ、旬のお料理や日本酒を口にできます。さらに着物や三味線などの民族楽器、伝統の音楽や踊りを楽しめます。これだけ日本文化が集まっているスペースが他にあるでしょうか」  オーストラリア出身の芸者の紗幸さんは、お座敷の魅力についてそう語る。2007年に東京・浅草でお披露目を行い、花柳界400年の歴史上初の西洋人芸者として、海外でもニュースとなった。  それから8年、現在は早稲田大学で芸者文化を教えるかたわら、現役の芸者としても精力的に活動を続けている。紗幸さんが来日したのは、15才の時。交換留学生に応募したのがきっかけだった。 「日本にきて1年経った時、もっと日本語がうまくなりたいと思い日本に残りました。大学受験で慶應大学に受かり入学。卒業後は一度就職して、オックスフォード大学へ留学しました」  英国留学から日本へ戻ってからは、フリーランサーとしてNHKやBBCのドキュメンタリー番組の制作に携わるなかで、芸者をテーマに番組を作ろうと考え、花柳界の門を叩いた。 「それまで芸者になった外国人はいませんでした。自ら現場を体験して番組を作るスタイルだったので、私が芸者の世界へ飛び込んだら面白いと思ったんです。ところが前例がないため何か月も入門が認められず、やっと修業が始まったものの芸者になれる保証はありません。修業中は他の仕事と掛け持ちできない慣習があり借金はどんどん増えました。  1年の修業で晴れて芸者になってみると、その奥深さに触れました。そして芸を極めたくなり今でも続けています。芸者になって4年目に、置屋のお母さんが病気になり、浅草から独立して自分で置屋を持ちました。ベテランのお姉さんの力を借りて、これまでに5人育てました」 ※女性セブン2015年1月22日号 Source:

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Memoari jedine zapadne gejše

Profesionalne japanske zabavljačice gejše, dio su japanske tradicije već dugi niz godina. O ovim prelijepim, elegantnim i vještim umjetnicama snimani su filmovi i pisane knjige, a mnogi ljudi samo su zbog njih krenuli put Japana.Gejše su tradicionalno japanske žene, no, po prvi puta u tradiciji dugoj 400 godina, zapadnjakinja je primljena u zajednicu gejši u Japanu. Fiona Graham iz Australije, 2007.godine postala je Sayuki. Bivša novinarka Reutersa i BBC-a dotadašnji život zamijenila je karijerom japanske gejše. Po prvi puta u tradiciji dugoj 400 godina, zapadnjakinja je primljena u zajednicu gejši. Kako je sve počelo? Kada ste se počeli zanimati za japansku kulturu? Djelomično sam odrasla u Japanu i živjela sam

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Call Fukagawa Geisha to Join You on a Yakatabune Boat Trip in

Cruise around Tokyo Bay on a traditional Japanese boat called a Yakatabune. These boats are unique to Japan and were first used by Japanese aristocrats in the 8th century. Since then they have been used by rich merchants and high ranking samurai alike, and were seen as a lavish past time particularly during the Edo period. You will also experience a delicious traditional Japanese dinner with access to all-you-can drink whilst on board. The geisha will entertain you with their traditional music and dance performances, and if you wish you can try out some traditional drinking games! This will all happen against a beautiful backdrop of Tokyo Bay at night.

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About FUKAGAWA GEISHA For the first time in the 400-year history of the geisha, a Westerner has been accepted, and she made her debut as a geisha under the name Sayuki on December 19, 2007.  Sayuki is specialized in social anthropology, a subject which requires anthropologists to actually experience the subject they are studying by participating in the society themselves. Source:

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A Day in the Life of a Geisha

Geisha are some of the most iconic figures of traditional Japanese culture and yet remain cloaked in a veil of mystery and strict etiquette. We spoke with Sayuki, Japan’s first foreign geisha, to find out about her daily life and learn more about her unique profession. What is your typical day like? Normally, I correspond with customers in the morning, practice or do classes in the afternoon, and do banquets when I have bookings in the evening. I am a flute specialist and do classes at different times of the year for flute: in nagauta music from the kabuki theatre, hauta and kouta – “little songs” that are like haiku

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Don’t miss this Geisha performance at Al Falaj Hotel Muscat

Al Falaj Hotel Muscat will host an authentic traditional Japanese music, song and dance evening titled ‘The Footsteps of a Geisha’ at its famous Tokyo Taro Restaurant. MUSCAT: For the first time in Oman, Al Falaj Hotel Muscat will host an authentic traditional Japanese music, song and dance evening titled ‘The Footsteps of a Geisha’ by the Fukagawa Geisha sisters at its famous Tokyo Taro Restaurant on March 25 and 26 from 8pm and 10pm. Geisha are traditional entertainers specializing in performing Japanese music, dance, song and a variety of instruments including hand drum, shoulder drum and shamisen or Japanese flute. Geisha performers are distinctively characterized by traditional costumers and makeup.  

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Fukagawa Geisha District revived in 2015 with the remaining older geisha teaching a new generation of younger geisha. If you want to learn more about Geisha or meet a Geisha, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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