Hangyoku (Maiko) Henshin in Asakusa

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Sayuki is teaching a class on geisha culture at Keio University. As part of her class this year Keio students were dressed up as hangyoku (maiko) in Asakusa.

Seven of the 65 students in the class volunteered to have their own hair done up hangyoku style at a geisha hairdresser, and then learn to put on the traditional white makeup and get dressed in kimono. Ichimatsu tea-house allowed us to use one of their rooms, and Sayuki no Kimonoya Kimono Shop, and the Hello Kitty photo studio in Asakusa, provided cooperation.

It is not unusual for Japanese students these days to have never dressed in kimono or seen Japanese dance. Sayuki hopes that students taking her class will discover or be reacquainted with traditional culture through this class.

Ichimatsu Tea-house http://www.ichimatsu.co.jp/index.html, Hello Kitty Photo Studio http://tansuya-photo.jp/access.html, Sayuki’s Kimono Shop http://www.sayukinokimonoya.com/


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