Sayuki - 紗幸

Who is Sayuki?

For the first time in the 400-year history of the geisha, a Westerner has been accepted, and she made her debut as a geisha under the name Sayuki on December 19, 2007. Sayuki is specialized in social anthropology, a subject which requires anthropologists to actually experience the subject they are studying by participating in the society themselves. Sayuki started in Asakusa with anthropological fieldwork in mind. But after the first […]

Sayuki - 紗幸

How to call a geisha

How to call a geisha Previously in the flower and willow world it was necessary to have an introduction or one couldn’t get into a tea-house. Now you can book from your hotel and Sayuki will make the arrangements for you. There are basically two ways to call geisha: 1. Call a geisha out from Asakusa You can call Sayuki and other Asakusa geisha out from Asakusa to have dinner […]

Sayuki - 紗幸

What is a geisha?

Geisha are traditional entertainers of Japanese arts and music specializing in Japanese dance, singing, and a variety of instruments including hand drum, shoulder drum, shamisen or Japanese flute. They train throughout their lives, are very highly skilled, and some of the older geisha are even “living national treasures”, the highest status of artist in Japan. Geisha under the age of 20 or so are called maiko in southern Japan, and […]

A Japanese company in crisis
A Japanese company in crisis
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Synopsis This book is an anthropological investigation into the demise of one of Japan leading life insurance companies. What was it actually like to work at this venerable institution as it slid towards bankruptcy? How did employees react when 800 lay-offs were announced? How did they, and the company itself, cope with rapidly-changing economic and cultural circumstances? This books seeks to answer these questions, and use them as a springboard […]

Togura Kamiyamada Onsen – Town revitalization
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Sayuki is often invited in different places around Japan to talk or consult on machizukuri or town revitalization and tourism. Reference: Sayuki Colloboration w/ Togura Kamiyamada Onsen Geisha